10 Do’s and Don’ts When Meeting Celebrities

We’ve met a lot of Celebrities lately, especially since our move to Los Angeles – it’s so cool! Each celebrity encounter is different, but how we approach it is pretty much the same. Seeing a celebrity is so exciting, but it can be overwhelming because you want to meet them and of course take a picture. People ask us all the time how we go about meeting celebrities…so here are some Do’s and Dont’s for your next Celebrity Sighting:

1.     Don’t be in your own World – Do, Be Aware of your surroundings!

You know how many times we’ve all crossed paths with some of our favorite celebrities and didn’t even know it?!? Always take a look around your environment – who’s there and what’s going on? When you do see celebrities don’t stare, it’s creepy! Lol

2.      Don’t Fan Out – Do, Remain Calm! photo(3)

Breathe! It’s so easy to fan out, meaning do the “OMG OMG and freak out! Remember, they are people just like you who are talented and lucky enough to become famous.

3.     Don’t just run up to them – Do, feel out the situation!

Is it appropriate to approach them? Think – Where are you? What time of day is it? What are they doing? Who are they with? Is it cool to go up to them? So use good judgment and Always be Respectful!

4.     Don’t Wait too long – Do, Act Quickly and Respectfully

Once you make the decision that it’s appropriate to approach them DO IT! The time frame you have is usually short.

5.     Don’t treat them like a GOD or the character they playCameron Diaz Dancing – Do, treat them like a person! 

Walk up to them, say hi and simply introduce yourself. Then tell them quickly why you love them. Be specific and relatable. For Example, when Loretta met Cameron Diaz she said to her, “I love that you Dance in all your movies, I love to dance too. It makes me so happy when you do it, especially when you did the booty dance in the beginning of Charles Angeles.” As Loretta said this she of course re-enacted the booty dance. Cameron loved it, laughed and said, thank you so much.

6.     Don’t be afraid to have a conversation – Do, ask them how they are doing!

Let the conversation flow naturally. Listen and be your charming self, just as you would with a non-celebrity. You may be surprised with how engaging they become once they realize you’re not a psycho! Lol

7.     Don’t just take out your phone – Do, ask them politely if you can take a picture together. 

There are celebrities that will say no and that’s ok! Don’t take it personally because it has nothing to do with you. There are multiple celebrities we have met and don’t have a picture with (List Below), but that doesn’t devalue the excitement and experience we had when meeting them.

8.     Don’t be annoying or make them wait– Do, make it quick! photo(4)

If they say Yes to a picture – AWESOME! You should have your phone/camera ready. Take a selfie if nobody is around to take it for you.

9.     Don’t run away after the picture – Do, say Thank you! 

After you take the picture, show it to them and say Thank you! Be real, but calm with your excitement. Tell them you will post the picture and of course tag them on social media. Also, tell them how happy you are that you meet them and have a picture together.

10.  Don’t over stay your welcome – Do, Smile say have a great day and walk away.
Your meeting is now over – so don’t push it.

POST THAT PICTURE BABY – NOW is the time to Fan Out! 🙂

We hope this blog was helpful! Please comment below if you have any questions and connect with us on social media  TwitterFacebookInstagram – YouTube

Celebrities we met, but don’t have pictures with because it wasn’t appropriate – refer to #3
Justin Bieber
Jodi Foster
Adam Sandler
Cameron Diaz
Shannen Doherty
Donald Trump
Arsenio Hall
Jamie Lee Curtis
Pauly Shore
Perez Hilton
Molly Shannon
Kathy Griffin
Aubrey O’day
Dane Cook
Dave Navarro
Janis Dickinson
Nigel Barker

Here are a couple of pictures 🙂 We have more on our Facebook page

Dwayne Johnson The RockDavid BeckhamNeyoLance Bass

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