12 Tips for Fitness while at work!

We work full time jobs in NYC and there are days that can be extremely busy!  On these days we don’t get to the gym during lunch as a result since we barely have a minute between meetings, emails, deadlines and conference calls to go to the bathroom or get food! 🙂 Here are some tips that help us and can help you stay energized and focused on these busy days.

  1. Walk to the office!
  2. If you take a bus or a subway get out one or two stops earlier so you can walk the rest of the way.
  3. If you drive to a train station or drive to work, park your car a little further away than usual. So – if you park 10 minutes away and walk to and from the station/office – that’s 20 minutes of cardio you easily just incorporated into your day! BAM!
  4. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  5. Sit up straight at your desk & engage your core.
  6. Stand while you are on the phone.
  7. Replace a coffee break with a quick 10-15 minute walk outside.
  8. Butt clinches at your desk.
  9. Calf raises at your co-workers cubicle.
  10. Jumping jacks or high knees in the bathroom – yes, we’re totally serious!
  11. Stretch your arms up and out at your desk.
  12. Set an alarm on your computer every hour as a reminder to get up and move that body.

Fitness to Fit Your Schedule

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