Being A Twin

Being an identical twin is truly a blessing! Spending time together and making each other laugh every day is so much fun! We are both so lucky to have come into this world having a best friend with unconditional love and support. We can’t imagine life without each other! We are so honest and understand each other so well that we can communicate with simply a look 🙂

We get asked a lot of questions about what it’s like to be an identical twin! Below are the most popular ones and our answers to them. If you have any questions about being a twin – we would love to answer them! Just use the form below.

Frequently Asked Questions:


OMG – Are You Guy’s Twins?

YES!  This is the question we get asked most and it’s usually followed by laughter and looks of uncertainty. We are always nice and friendly to people who ask because we find ourselves doing the same thing when we see twins!

Who’s Older?

We were always confused as to why people wanted to know this, so we started asking why they were so interested. The responses we got didn’t give us any insight, until one night when we were out to dinner. We were getting Sushi and our server asked this question, and when we asked why he wanted to know, he said, “Well, in our culture we pay respect to the older sibling because they are the ones who are in control and in charge.” After hearing this we were like, “OMG – that’s it! This is why people always ask us who is older.” SO to answer your question, Loretta is older BUT to be clear…. We are a TEAM and we’ll always help, support, and love of each other no matter what!

Do You Compete With Each Other?

We are on the same team so there is no competition! This taught us to be very patient, understanding and open minded. Most importantly it taught us how to not to pass judgment on one another because we understand how damaging that can be to our minds and bodies. We love each other and will always stick together. We are each others biggest cheerleader and main support system!

Do You Feel Each Others Pain? YES!

Loretta: When Ava broke her foot and when she got into a car accident I physically didn’t go through pain, but being with her hurt just as much! It was like I was watching myself on crutches and in the hospital.

Ava: When Loretta got laid off and went through a difficult break up, it was hard to watch her go through a difficult time, but of course I supported her every step of the way.

Who’s The Good/Evil Twin?

People usually ask this question to find out the difference between us, but there really isn’t one because we are both the “good twin”. Click here for some fun facts and differences

Did You Ever Switch Classes in School?

Yes, we did this once in our 7th grade Spanish classes. It only worked on our teachers.   All the kids could tell us apart because we knew each other since Kindergarten. After a few minutes with the class holding back their giggles, the teacher figured it out, smiled, and switched us back…and no we did not get in trouble.

Can You Read Each Other’s Minds?DTT Being a Twin

Yes, sometimes we think alike. If we are both in the same room and something happens we can look at each other, nod our heads and know exactly what other one is thinking. This is pretty cool because we can communicate with each other without even talking. There have been times we weren’t together and texted each other the same thing at the same time!

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