How to Stay Motivated!

We all start off the New Year with great intentions!! We start working out, eating healthy, making good choices and are excited for the future! So how can we keep this going?

Staying Motivated is something we need to remind ourselves to do like 5 times a day! 🙂 Hence the constant quotes and wall posts on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest that we all love to share – they are reminders to Stay Motivated. It can be so easy to let mild criticism and disappointments in our everyday life throw us off track! So take charge of Your Life and don’t allow life to happen to you! This is about keeping Yourself Strong, Healthy, Happy, and Feeling Good Every day!

The more you do, the more you’ll want to do!
Once you start making changes, you’ll see progress, feel empowered and want to see more! You will discover what works best for you, what interferes with your momentum and how to break through it!

Face your difficult challenges – don’t surrender or hide from them!
Every time we say or just think to ourselves “oh no, I can’t – it’s too hard.” Replace that with “Yes, that will be hard, but I am ready to face that challenge in order to get what I want!”

Don’t allow Food, Drugs, Sex, Alcohol, Relationships or Work Control You!
Will you let your ‘get aways’ or ‘escapes from reality’ get in the way of you achieving your goals? NO! You are Stronger than this!

No More Excuses!
How many times have we said the same old bull shit to ourselves: “I’m too busy, tired, frustrated or upset to do this today, so I’ll do it tomorrow.” blah blah blah Making Real changes in your life is not easy and it takes time! So be patient, we Promise the hard work will pay off!  Are you ready to be stronger than your excuses? YES!!!

Remember that You are in charge! You have control! You have the power to make things happen or not happen – it’s Your decision! Now – Go make yourself proud and WORK IT!!! 🙂

How we Stay Motivated – DoubleTime Your Life! 

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