Let’s Get Real! What we Learned in 2013

Once you know WHY you’re unhappy you can figure out HOW you’re going to Change it!

NYC Life!
So, we’ve been living in California for a little over a month now and we still can’t believe it! 🙂 It’s crazy to think about how our lives used to be in New York! We commuted to and from NYC every day, working Corporate Media Jobs and Monday – Thursday nights we taught Dance/Fitness Classes. We had Friday nights off, taught Saturday Mornings and crashed directly after. Seriously…. we would go to sleep on Saturday nights and not wake up till about 3pm on Sunday. WOW! We did this for years and somehow we were still able to spend time with our Family, Friends, take classes, go to events, travel, and have fun. So, we weren’t aware of how much we were draining our minds and bodies.

In late 2012, this lifestyle became too much and we didn’t want to do it anymore. Once we realized why we were unhappy we were able to figure out how we could change it. It took a few months, but we finally made the decision to leave our full time jobs and Hollywood Signmove to California to focus on teaching Dance/Fitness full time. OMG! 🙂 Leaving our jobs was hard because it was what we were comfortable with – it provided financial security, consistency, balance and it was what we were “Supposed” to be doing. Plus we enjoyed working in Media…the behind the scenes of Sales, Planning and Marketing is so Interesting, but we weren’t in Love with it.

The New Plan – California!
Why California? We’ve visited there a few times and absolutely LOVED it! We were always so Happy when we were there and we never wanted to leave….So we figured, let’s just move there! 🙂 In March we left our full time jobs, told all the gyms we taught at we were leaving, and got ready to move on April 1st.  OMG, Everything was happening soNYC - LA fast…almost too fast! Unfortunately, some serious health issues came up and we weren’t able to move. 🙁  – Everything is ok now 🙂  – So from April to November, we did not work….Yup no work….well occasionally we did some side jobs and taught some classes, but not on a weekly basis. Our focus was on taking a breather and relaxing, which was not so easy at first because we are very Energetic and Active people – Shocker LOL! 🙂 We were very uncomfortable and soooo bored, but we slowly started to embrace this “Break.” Looking back we’re so thankful we took this time off…..We were able to reflect on the past and decide what we really wanted for the future!

Now is the Time!
Our Birthday is July 3rd and that’s when we started to get our Groove back – we said to each other – “Alright, now is the time! We have the whole world in front of us…..all we have to do is make a decision. So we asked ourselves one simple question, “If we don’t do this will we regret it forever?” The answer was “YES, without a doubt, YES.” We had a lot of conversations with our parents and mentors about this, and some were against the idea of us moving. All they wanted was for us to be Happy and Successful and staying in New York would be the “Safe” way to go. But….We knew we had to trust our instincts, take a leap of Faith and Follow our Dreams!

California LifeThe Hollywood Sign
It’s December and it’s 80 degrees and Sunny………What is going on???? lol Every morning we wake up and we’re so unbelievably Thankful to be here! We’re slowly getting adjusted to the LA Lifestyle…..not being with our family, friends and mentors is really hard (especially around the holidays), but we’re Happy to Finally be in LA!

The Moral of this Story!
If you’re unhappy with your job, your lifestyle, your relationship, Anything – Change it! Yes it’s a lot easier said than done (WE KNOW), but the last thing you want is to look back when you’re 80 years old and think, What If?!?!?! How can you Move Forward in 2014? Make a commitment to your own Happiness! This way when you’re 80 years old you can look back on your life and say – Damn…I AM Awesome! 🙂

Thank you so much for reading our blog – we hope this was helpful to you! We want to hear from you so please comment below, Follow us on Facebook or Tweet us @DoubleTimeTwins if you have any questions or if there’s a topic you would like us to talk about! xoxo Ava & Loretta : )

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