Miley Cyrus – What is the Message being sent to our Young Girls and Boys?

Ever since her performance on the VMAs our social media has been covered with pictures, posts and comments about this – so here’s our opinion!

Miley-Cyrus_-650x436Yes Miley is a former Disney Channel Super Star, but that doesn’t mean she has to take off her clothes and down grade herself to a low class trashy sex object to let people know that she’s not a “Child” anymore! PERFECT examples of this – Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

We were teenagers who loved to dance and perform (and of course we still do) so we really looked up to both of them and couldn’t wait to see their performances on the VMAs.

We can’t forget the Madonna kiss, the barely there diamond outfit worn by Britney and the scarf Christina wore as a shirt during her “Dirty” phase. BUT the difference between what they did and what Miley did……….they did it with CLASS and from a Performance/Entertainment aspect! Britney danced her butt off and there’s no denying Christina’s Amazing voice! Miley, on the other hand, wore nothing, didn’t dance…..oh sorry she was “Twerking” with her tongue out, and there was zero talent shown in her performance!

Who is Miley looking up to? Where are her reps and her parents?  Who was around her that made her think that this was a good idea?  She is talented for sure…… WHY did she do this? FOR ATTENTION of course and to PROVE to the world that she’s no longer “Hannah Montana”.  There’s no question now……..everyone knows who Miley Cyrus is and she got the whole world talking about her. So Mission Accomplished?……….but at what expense?  Was it really worth it? Miley could have done an Amazing performance with Great choreography/dancers and wore a really cool outfit! She could have impressed everyone with her REAL talent, but unfortunately she didn’t.

MORAL of the STORY – We need to teach our young girls that taking off their clothes and shaking their ass is NOT the answer! Girls, let’s take this to Real Life………Showing sexy pictures of yourself on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is NOT going to make people think you’re ‘Cool’ ………it’s going to make them think you’re a slut!

Since when was being a ‘Slut’ cool?  You know what’s cool….? Having respect for yourself, your body and your image……….because if you don’t then no one else will! How can you expect ‘the boys’ to treat you with kindness and respect if you don’t even respect yourself?

Oh and one quick note about Robin Thicke………..we thought you were cool and a class act – like really dude? You’re twice her age and you’re married – We can’t believe you agreed to that! Boys………..if you’re going to look up to anyone at the VMAs it should be Justin Timberlake – He’s a class act!


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