The Wall Street Journal – Learn to Dance at Social Events – Advice for beginners is feel the beat, then basic ‘step touch’; Doubletime Twins recommend ‘hairography’.

..”Once you have that down, you can change direction, going front to back. Or add a spin, suggests Loretta Minett, who, with her sister Ava, teaches fitness dance class in Los Angeles as the DoubleTime Twins. The duo also star in several dance tutorials for beginners on YouTube and Howcast. As for your upper body, get creative. “Make believe you are driving a car, or brushing the dirt off your shoulders,” says Ms. Minett. Women can try flipping their hair. “Hairography is always fun,” she says.”

Here’s the link The DoubleTime Twins featured in the Wall Street Journal

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Meet The DoubleTime Twins

“They teach dance fitness classes at Equinox, but also speak and write to issues that affect young girls and women. You can expect no judgment in their class, and it’s always a good time as they make each student feel welcome”

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